Thursday, June 19, 2008

Something a little different

So I thought I'd try something a little different this time. I'm going to post 2 poems- 1 that I wrote my senior year of high school and then 1 I wrote last week. My next post will be an exposition of them, but I'd really like your feedback.

"Endless Nothing" 12/22/02

Floating constantly
In an endless glow
Tunneling ahead
I see the light grow
Fighting it, I try
So hard to resist
Struggling for survival
I thrust my arm
I must find the light
I cannot let go
Only human,
My strength weakens
And I am consumed.
Instantly, nothingness
Fills me heart and soul
Take me back!
Find me again!
To no avail I scream
Muffled by the silence
My words don't speak
Tunneling ahead
The light still grows
Barely touching me
Piercing my heart
To win me again
But I can't help me now
For now I am nothing
I need set free

"Guilt" 6/6/08

Out of balance
The World can turn on a few simple words
Need to
be perfect
Everything in order
Everyone pleased

Sweat, dissatisfaction
Self-made scapegoat to save the other
Need to
be perfect
Everything calm
Everyone happy

Self-denial and
Doormat to collect the mud of hers
Need to
be perfect
Everything at peace
Everyone at rest

Need to
be perfect
Everyone satisfied
Feelings buried alive
Come like the living dead awake at night

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