Friday, June 27, 2008

Part 2 of 4

"Death 2"

Finding my weakness
Finding my faults
Ripping my heart out through my chest
I stand bleeding, weeping, wounded
I fall down at Your feet

Taking all the me I've ever known
And yanking away from it

Letting go of my gifts
Letting go of my talents
Gouging out my eyes with hot pokers
I stand blinded, shrieking, scorched
I kneel down asking for mercy

Taking all the me I've ever liked
And disassociating myself from it

Giving You my heart
Giving You my soul
Numbing my senses, beyond compare
I stand stripped, calloused, and cold
I bow down seeking Your grace

Taking all the me I've ever had
And unhaltingly presenting it to You

All of me could never be
Without all of You

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