Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Check Out My Store!

Just a quick little post today to let you know that I have new items up in my jewelry and accessories shop Ruby & Zoe. Like this great piece to help celebrate St. Patrick's Day:

Also, the hubs said that if I come up with enough money, we can take a family trip to Walt Disney World. I am in love with that place. It's definitely my happy place and nothing could make me happier than being able to share it with Ruby for the first time (even though she'll be like a year old. Whatever. The trip would definitely be more about me but there's nothing wrong with that! Indulge the mommy!). So buying my jewelry and scarves will help us get there. Or, if you don't want to posses any of my lovely items (I don't know why you wouldn't...) then you can just donate to help us get there at our Go Fund Me page.

Not that I'm trying to solicit you awesome readers for money, but remember that charity is a virtue!

In other news, there is nothing going on and I am a lazy blogger. Nothing has changed. I have a few ideas for some posts, so maybe I'll get around to making a real post later this week. Time will tell.