Monday, January 14, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: The Non-Post

So I was going to start participating in another link-up this week called "What I Wore Sunday" hosted by the lovely gals at Fine Linen and Purple. It's all about posting pictures and descriptions of what you wore to mass on Sunday to encourage each other in dressing our best for the Lord. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to mass yesterday--hubs came down with a horrendous cold/fever after having been on extra overnight duty, Ruby wasn't feeling well, and I was tired from taking care of them (plus, I was a little under the weather, too). So what I wore Sunday was my oversized Dodgers t-shirt, a tan PA State Police hoodie, hot pink Disneyland sweatpants, and my black and white plaid Roxy slippers. Super comfy, but not mass attire. So, I will be participating in this link-up next Sunday. Happy Monday to you all and may you be happy, healthy, and blessed!

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