Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Excellence of Being Lazy

I am having one of those days. It's one of those days when I'm incredibly lazy and I incredibly don't care. I just returned from California last night and it was one of those trips where I slept little, stressed a lot, wanted to be drunk 80% of the time but never was, and had an amazing time (seeing Mickey Mouse and taking my picture with a Stormtrooper definitely added to this excellence).

But today, I am being purposefully lazy. It's one of those days where I haven't brushed my teeth or changed my underwear and have decided to stay in my pajamas all day. I was even too lazy to pour myself milk and cereal so I drank juice out of the carton. I have been parousing the Internet ever since. I've found some good stuff. Now it's lunch time and you know what I'm having? A margarita out of a sippy cup and tortilla chips. I could take a nap at anytime...and I might! This day is just full of endless lazy possibilities and I intend to explore as many of them as I possibly can.

Do you know why this is not just marginally acceptable but actually an act of excellence? Because I will not always have the chance to take these kinds of days. You know, I'm married now and eventually that will mean lots of things and lots of rushing and busyness and generally not being lazy. And when those days start coming, they won't stop coming until all my children are in school, I look around and deduce that everyone has enough clothes to last them another day, and that all other housework can be moot for the day and then, after lunches are packed, I can pretend like I'm going to get out of my robe and do something but then just lay on the couch and watch whatever crappy show is on television until I hear the bus coming and then rush to put on pants (because pants are obviously a sign of productivity). Someday when I'm old and no one expects me to do anything anymore, probably because they think I can't remember how to, I'll pretend to be senile and just not wear pants at all and blame it on the senility. No one will argue with me unless they want to be granny-slapped (I have a mean right-hook...don't mess with grandma). And so today I am productive by doing nothing, reveling in this state of life the Lord has brought to me for the time being, rejuvenating from a long yesterday, and refreshing for a beautiful tomorrow.

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